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Solar Rooftop Solutions

Increase In demand of electricity is rising cost of electricity and results to increase in electricity bill. This makes today the best time to invest in solar rooftop systems.

If you switch to KW Solar Rooftop for Home, you can immensely save up on your electricity bills. You will see it go down by up-to 50%.

Government is also encouraging residential as well as commercial installation of rooftop solar power plant. Punarvi has powered 10000+ homes through various government schemes in India and 400+ projects in India & Abroad.

To meet the substantially increasing demand in the solar energy sector as the Government has introduced new projects, Punarvi has been getting ready to serve this purpose.

As a result, Punarvi has planned to set up more than 1000 centres for solar solutions throughout the country.


Solar Rooftop Solution Type

  • Residential
    Punarvi Projects provides Solar rooftop for home installation in Hyderabad at affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power KW system will instantly add to the value of your residential property.
  • Commercial & Industrial
    Solar rooftop systems will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space. Punarvi provides commercial and Industrial solar installation companies in hyderabad customized solution for your solar solution need and help to implement sustainable solar power solutions for your commercial and industrial establishment.
  • Institutional
    Solar rooftop systems for institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, Research organizations, Non-profit organizations helps to meet their energy needs.

Commercial & Industrial


Punarvi Energies Solar EPC solutions will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle ground space or Land.

We provides customized EPC solution as per your need and energy consumption. It will also help to reduce / hedge the cost of power from solar at Rs 3.5 – 5 /unit & can give 3 – 5 years on payback of investment.

Commercial & Industrial customers are eligible for Accelerated depreciation benefits for renewables under IT section 32 on investment for solar rooftops, whereas the depreciation claim shall be at 40% of project value in 1st year.

Solar Farms Solutions (Utility Scale)

Punarvi Energies Solar provides private solar farm solutions across India to commercial and Industrial power consumer with zero or minimum investment ( i.e. Third Party and Group Captive) at a discount to grid electricity tariff.

We also offer “captive” solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks by themselves.

  • RESCO Model
  • CAPEX Model
  • GROUP Captive

Solar Park


Punarvi provides solar park solution to commercial & industrial power consumers.

We also offer “captive” solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks by their consumption.

Floating Solar

We are a solar energy solution company that aims to develop innovative and smart technologies for a sustainable future.

Floating Solar Solution obviates the need for large tracts of land by installing solar panels on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons etc. which are available in abundance in most of places in country.

Floating Solar PV Systems allows PV panels to be installed on unused areas of water, converting unutilized areas into profitable generators of renewable energy


Durable & Reliable

  • Stable against high winds, waves
  • Tolerates variation in water draft
  • Freshwater or seawater compatible
  • Corrosion resistant metal structures
  • PV module engineered for marine use (10 years)
  • UV resistant floats for long-life
  • Floats have redundant leak-tolerant features
  • Smart tethering & anchoring solution